On the Proctor History Walk, you will visit numerous sites of historical significance. These places were used as cornerstones in the creation of the Proctor community and largely shaped the lives of the people who encountered them. Fortunately, many of the referenced historical structures are still standing. For those that no longer exist, online photos can assist as a memorial of their impact on the community and, combined with signs on-location, can offer insight into their importance. For geographic reference, these places are highlighted and expounded upon in the map and text below to maintain the ongoing memory of their place in the Proctor community.

Proctor History Walk Map

Copies of this map can be downloaded and/or further explored on the Maps page. To learn more about the listed historical sites, visit their corresponding pages, linked below:

  1. Summit School
  2. Original Townsite
  3. West Side School
  4. Railway YMCA
  5. Proctor Backyards
  6. Proctor Depot
  7. Missabe Athletic Field
  8. Odd Fellows Temple
  9. Proctor Village Hall
  10. East Side School
  11. Klang Memorial Park
  12. Bay View Incline
  13. Bayview School
  14. The Proctor Journal
  15. Downtown Business District
  16. Proctor Back Shops
  17. First Nat’l Bank of Proctor