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What is the Proctor History Walk?

The Proctor History Walk is a community history and wellness initiative based in Proctor, Minnesota, that encourages knowledge of place-based history by bringing stories of the past to the streets. Along a designated walking loop through the City, interpretive signage highlights places and sites of historical significance, which come together with the resources on this site to weave a comprehensive history of the Proctor community. The Proctor History Walk also doubles as a community wellness initiative to encourage physical activity through the creation of pedestrian-based signage. Using plastic signs, its current form is temporary and hopes to inspire permanent infrastructure in the future.

How does it work?

The Proctor History Walk uses existing sidewalks throughout the City to designate a walking loop through neighborhoods with historic ties, using signage to point out sites of interest and sidewalk markings to guide “history walkers.” At just under three miles, the entire route takes just under one hour to walk. For a shorter tour, walk one loop (on either side of the railroad tracks) at a time; each smaller loop takes just under 30 minutes.

The walking route was especially planned with your safety in mind; routes cross roadways as few times as possible and utilize controlled intersections where available. However, these measures do not guarantee user safety. You participate at your own risk, so please look both ways!

Why a Proctor History Walk?

Sometimes place-based historical information can be hard to find. And when the information is in a book, in a museum, or scattered across the web, it can often be inconvenient to access. In an effort to make this important information readily available, the Proctor History Walk doesn’t wait for history to be sought, but literally brings it to the streets. Encouraging the community to partake in lessons from the past and take care of their wellness for the future, the Proctor History Walk is a unique initiative that connects the community through time.

Who created the Proctor History Walk?

The Proctor History Walk was created by Russell Habermann, in partnership with the City of Proctor, the Proctor Area Historical Society, and the Rails Endowment for Academic, Art, and Athletic Development (REA3D). Originally inspired by different models of on-the-street historical exhibits, Habermann created and tailored the Proctor History Walk specifically to the Proctor community.

Where do I start?

You can start wherever you’d like. If you are visiting Proctor, public parking is available at the Proctor Area Community Center, at the corner of Highway 2 and 5th Street, and at various locations on-street throughout the City. To complement other historical-based facilities in Proctor, we suggest parking at the Proctor Area Historical Museum (just off of U.S. Highway 2 near the Yellowstone #225 train monument), where a lot can accommodate your parking needs. Maps of the route are available on our Maps page that may help you find your bearings. If you live or are staying somewhere nearby, you’re also more than welcome (and encouraged!) to walk to the Walk and start anywhere along the route.

When can I walk the Proctor History Walk?

The Proctor History Walk is open during the warmer months (generally May through October). During this time, the initiative is installed on public sidewalks and open to use at any time of day.